Essay #454: English Composition Essay: Contextual Analysis of “Inception”

Category: undergraduate essay

Level: Undergraduate School, English 107

Topic: essay

Theme: Contextual analysis of “Inception”. PIE format (point, illustration, explanation)

Date: 2012

Word Count: 1800

Style: MLA

References: 5

Price: 50.00 USD


English Composition Essay, Contextual Analysis

English Composition Essay, Contextual Analysis


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Essay # 443, The Analysis of Social and Academical Difficulties International Students Face in Australia

Category: International Students, Australia

Topic: Analysis of difficulties international students have to face when study in Australia

Theme: The essay discusses social, economical and academic challenges students face and what universities do to address these challenges.

Date: 2010

Word Count: 1300

Style: APA

References: 3

Notes: The essay discusses specific challenges and provides real-life examples to illustrate the point.

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Essay #442, Climate Change and the Tourism Industry

Category: Tourism, Climate Change

Topic: Climate change and the tourism industry

Theme: Discussion on how climate change will affect the tourism industry (examples provided)

Date: 2011

Word Count: 1600

Style: Harvard

References: 7

Notes: The essay discusses how the tourism industry will be affected by climate change. Specific examples are used to illustrate the impact.

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